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We pride ourselves on delivering an express service to all our clients.

Express Registration Services have been assisting Accountants, Lawyers, and Corporates for more than 11 years with various registration services.
We pride ourselves on delivering an express service to all our clients with a 99% satisfactory rate.
We’re a young, vibrant team who understand our client’s frustrations dealing with the complexities of compliance in South Africa, and aim to make it is as painless and easy to understand. We are also a team that enjoys continuous learning and improving not just in terms of our business but also ourselves.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality” Tony Robbins.

The Express Team are very passionate about providing outsourced services for Accountants.

Accounting Firms notoriously struggle with registering their clients with regulatory bodies. It is not their core business and takes time away from delivering their clients with a valuable solution to growing profits. However, they still would like to assist the client and keep the business within the firm and of course, add value to the client.

Our founder realised this when a family member had this exact problem in their practice, and she decided to launch Express Registration Services. It proved to be a huge success and Express Registration Services mainly deal with Accountants. The Express Team share knowledge, give advice, and are a huge support and trusted partner to many successful accounting firms. We also refer work to Accountants in our network.

The key to a successful Accounting practice is to limit the number of services offered. Most business coaches insist that the best way for an Accounting firm to grow is to pick a niche and a handful of deliverables that they are good at and add value to the client. This will allow them to stand out as a specialist. That is where the Express Team comes in to help; the Accountant can still provide the registration service to the client but not lose focus on the core business.

Because of vigorous persistence, The Express Team found ways to get registrations and queries done faster with South African regulatory bodies. We are proud to say that we have pages of testimonials from happy clients and accountants due to the speed at which we find solutions and results.

We have a large network of affiliates and can assist with almost any request. The Express Team recently launched Virtual Express Services; now offering even more virtual administration support in the Human Resource, Foreign Immigration, Financial Emigration, Forex, and many other value-added services with the best support to our Corporates, Lawyers and Accountants.

Looking forward to assist you with your registration needs and services.

What our most valued Accounting clients say about us!

The Express team is a great asset to my business. Registrations and annual returns are not my core service, but it is still a vital service I have to provide to my clients. Outsourcing these to Express Registration Services gives me the freedom to do what I do best, and give exceptional service to the client. I quite happily refer them to anyone. – Corbital Accountants

Express is a dream to work with. They make it feel like you have extra resources in your business. They are quick, professional and will go to the end of the earth to help you out. How they turn around their services that quickly, nobody knows. – Accountrepreneur

The team at Express Registration Services is an absolute pleasure to work with. All of our statutory registrations are outsourced to them and have always been dealt with in an extremely efficient and professional manner. They are by far the most reliable and efficient when it comes to SARS, COIDA or CIPC registrations. – Ofincon

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