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If you are experiencing hassles to move money out of South Africa, then we can assist. Our team of the best exchange control, legal, tax, business strategy, and financial planning minds are working together to make a difference. Our team will assist employers and employees with the latest Immigration advise and strategies. We pride ourselves in first class service.

Our immigration services are an extensive assortment of meticulously managed pre- to Post-settling services customised to the needs of each individual client. A recipe of far reaching experience coupled with in-depth knowledge, enables us to provide solutions that deliver satisfaction and immediate results.

Emigration & Immigration / Visa / Forex

  • Immigration Services (i.e. various Temporary Residence Visas and Permanent Residence Permits)
  • Travel Visas (i.e. Business or Leisure) to Africa, Europe and the United States of America
  • Retirement and Business Visas
  • Life partner / Husband and Wife (SAC) Visas/ Spousal Visas
  • Financial Emigration Tax Clearance
  • Foreign Investment Tax Clearance
  • Forex Transfers
  • Offshore Investments
  • Margin Finance
  • International Payments
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Business Transactions
    • CFC Accounts
    • Cross Border Payments
    • Import and Export Transactions.
    • Excon and SARB Applications
    • Foreign Loan Applications
  • Debit order system – Help collect your money and future-proof your cashflow with scheduled, automated debit order collection services.

Legal and Other Services

  • Conveyancing and Property Law
  • Notaries & Company Secretaries
    • Share Certificates and Registers
    • Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Legal Contracts & Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Acknowledgement of Debt Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Letter of Demand
    • Lease Agreement
    • Antenuptial Contracts
    • Trusts Amendments and Management
    • Wills
    • Translations
    • POPI Compliance Manuals
    • FICA Compliance Manuals
    • Business Valuations
    • Business Insurance
    • Consumer Law Compliance
    • Voluntary Liquidations
    • B-BBEE Services & Consulting
      • B-BBEE Compliance
      • B-BBEE Strategic Report
      • B-BBEE Ownership Solutions
      • B-BBEE Verification Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do immigration consultants do?

    Immigration consultants assist in the legal area of immigration, ensuring everything is done according to the applicable legislation. The best immigration consultants in South Africa will be able to get you through the immigration process easily and in a timely manner, allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand.

    What does financial emigration mean?

    Financial emigration is the process of deregistering as a taxpayer in a country and transferring funds. This will typically occur alongside the immigration process.

    What is an international tax clearance certificate?

    If you want to exceed the foreign investment and discretionary allowance that you are granted as a South African citizen, you will need to acquire an international tax clearance certificate. This will provide you with tax clearance for foreign investment.

    Do I need an immigration consultant?

    It is advisable to employ immigration consulting services in South Africa, as they will be able to guide you through the process. This will ensure that the process isn’t more lengthy than it needs to be.

    Do I need to financially emigrate from South Africa?

    If you have immigrated to another country and do not earn money in South Africa, you will have to implement a financial emigration from South Africa. Many other factors determine whether one needs to financially emigrate. It is advisable to consult a professional before starting this process.


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